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About Twitter Followers Service:


The internet is doing much to level the playing field for sharing your message.
Twitter flattens it.

In fact –  it flattens it so much, that it’s too hard to stand out, to reach the audience
you’re interested in and to gain their attention and retention

While everybody knows what kind of power a massively followed twitter account
can generate, the hardest part is to get the followers, especially the first few

After you have a few thousands of followers it is likely to cause a “herd effect” where
almost every visitor follows your account just because it’s so popular!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Why would I want more followers?

A. Profiles with significant number of followers make a better impression
and get more credibility. That will increase the chance that new people
who see your profile will follow you as well.


Q. Will those followers be permanent?

A. At least 80% of them will. Not all accounts are real and active, and
among those who aren’t active some may be closed due to inactivity with time.
That’s why you should expect some drop in followers count over time.


Q. Do I need to send you my account’s password?

A. Absolutely not! We do not login to your account. All we need in order to
deliver your order is a URL of your profile/account. That’s it!


Q. How long does it take you to deliver?

A. Most orders are done within 48 hours. If we’re swamped with orders it
may take a little longer.


Q. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

A. At the moment we only accept PayPal secured payments. You can pay
from your PayPal balance or with your credit card via Paypal’s secure
payment server.


Q. Is it safe to pay with PayPal?

A. Yes it is! PayPal lets you send payments for online transactions
without sharing your financial information. All personal details are
encrypted using SSL technology and processed by PayPal.


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