Q. I sell on eBay. How can more item watchers help me?

A. The number of watchers an item has is one of the factors that determine its
Best Match ranking. An item with more watchers will rank better and get more
visibility. That will also help you get more sales.


Q. Why would I want more followers?

A. Profiles with significant number of followers/fans make a better impression
and get more credibility. That will increase the chance that new people who
see your profile will follow you as well.


Q. Do you use a different IP for each follower? Is it safe?

A. Yes. Our methods are completely safe and we don’t put your account at any
risk. We’ve been doing this for years with lots of returning customers and
regulars, so you have no reason to worry!


Q. How can I contact you?

A. Please use the contact form here.


Q. Do I need to send you my account’s password?

A. Absolutely not! We do not login to your account. All we need in order to
deliver your order is a URL of your profile/account. That’s it!


Q. Do you offer support?

A. Yes! We are very friendly, helpful and welcoming 🙂
You won’t be wasting your time contacting us whenever you need to ask a
question or discuss an issue.


Q. What if I need followers for a website you don’t currently work with?

A. Don’t give up so quickly! Drop us a message and we might surprise you with
a tailor made offer exactly for your needs!


Q. Do you offer discount for bulk orders?

A. Sure! Please contact us directly about it and let us know what you need.
We will do our best to set you up with a plan at a reasonable price.


Q. How long does it take you to deliver?

A. Most orders are done within 48 hours. If we’re swamped with orders it may
take a little longer.


Q. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

A. At the moment we only accept PayPal secured payments.
You can pay from your PayPal balance or with your credit card via Paypal’s
secure payment server.


Q. Is it safe to pay with PayPal?

A. Yes it is! PayPal lets you send payments for online transactions without
sharing your financial information. All personal details are encrypted using
SSL technology and processed by PayPal.


Q. How is my privacy protected?

A. Please see our Privacy Policy. In short we will never disclose, sell or
distribute your information to any 3rd parties.