An advanced approach to eBay listing strategies

Listing Strategies


People ask us all the time about eBay listing strategies.

What’s the optimal duration for a listing?

How to choose the right listing duration for a certain eBay item?

3 days? 7 days? 10 days? 30 days? Or maybe “good till cancelled”?


The answer to this question depends on many factors that should be considered on a

per item basis. Among the factors that need to be taken into consideration:


* Item’s availability

* Item’s price

* Competition

* Which eBay marketplace you’re listing in


To explain it in the quickest and easiest way to understand let’s use real examples.

Take a look at this listing for example:


eBay GTC Listing


Clearly, this item was listed in GTC format and was already auto-relisted many times.

For an item like this, the right listing strategy would be GTC.


When you list in GTC, after the 30 days are over, the item is auto-relisted while keeping

the same item ID, keeping the “sold” count and the “watchers” count intact (also the

views but they don’t make such a difference anyway).


Your item page gets stronger and stronger each month accumulating more and more

sales and watchers, as you can see in this particular item which sold 13,300 units already

and has 1,314 people watching it.


This item has the best chance to hit the 1st page of search results for almost any relevant

search phrase out there, simply because eBay sees it as an item that sells good and

converts views to sales.


The worst thing that the seller can do now is end this item and re-list it, because that’ll

make him lose all the accumulated sales and watchers for this item.


His chance of hitting anywhere near 1st page of search results for this item if he ends and

re-lists it is pretty low. In other words: this item ID is an ASSET!


It couldn’t be an asset in any other listing method because the item ID remains the same

after re-listing only in GTC.


Now, let’s take a look at another item – click here to continue


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